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Quotes of the moment.
"When you get tired, think back to days like this when you regretted it. Think of the days you treasure. Receive strength from it and live on."
-Shin Jihyun(49 DAYS)

"At this moment, there are 6 billion, 4 hundred, 71 million, 8 hundred, 18 thousand, 6 hundred, 71 people in the world. Some are running scared.. some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day.. others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men at war with good, and some are good.. struggling with evil. 6 billion people in the world, 6 billion souls -- and sometimes.. all you need is 1."

-Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love." -Tom Robbins

"Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering."
- Ida Scott Taylor

Peyton: That's what he writes. But what he says is a totally different story.
Haley: Sometimes people write the things that they can't say.

"Tree Hill is just a place somewhere in the world. Maybe it's a lot like your world, maybe it's nothing like it. But if you look closer, you might see someone like you. Someone trying to find their way. Someone trying to find their place. Someone trying to find their self. Sometimes it seems like you are the only one in the world who's struggling, who's frustrated, or unsatisfied, or barely getting by. But that feeling's a lie. And if you just hold on, just find the courage to face it all for another day, someone or something will find you and make it all okay. Because we all need a little help sometimes. Someone to help us hear the music in the world, to remind us that it won't always be this way. That someone is out there. And that someone will find you."

— Lucas Eugene Scott

"Don't leave, don't leave.
Lies, lies.

My name is Sherlene.
A girl who loves 동방신기 (DongBangShinKi) so much since 2005 but never met them even once. Even though they had been close to me a few times...
One day, I will. ;)
Music is my soul.
Take it away from me, takes away my life too.
One biggest weakness, once truly and faithfully in love, there's no more "I'll find someone better." Love is the only way that could lead her to become a complete idiot.


Thursday, July 31, 2008
Honest. @ 5:11 PM
I'm being honest to myself right now. The only guy I would want to love, yeap.. HIM. No one. I'm not gonna look at anyone anymore. My heart is as hard as a stone to anyone else, but only he.. can melt it. :) I've decided, I've made my decision... I will only..ONLY.. love one guy, had a crush for one guy, like one guy and give all my heart for one guy.

That is.. obviously..

Park Yoo-chun.
don't steal him away from me. TT_TT
I'm seriously in love with you oppa..
Monday, July 28, 2008
So Hot~ @ 9:47 AM
so so so hot hot..

Listening to Wondergirl's 'So Hot' ballad version. Sounds better than the original. ^-^ Anyway, haven't blog for 2 days. I think.. nothing much happen.

25th July 2008/Friday
Today.. went for duty for librarian. First time duty together with Nadz & Lee Ching. They are really nice to us especially Lee Ching. While, Nadz, she's really a good senior, she give lots of advices and teach us some important things. >_< style="color: rgb(255, 204, 0);">Hani thought, having duty the same day with them would be scary but.. they are really nice. :) And then, when we are about to go home, Kopal told us that he can give us a ride till' the LRT station. O_o; but, he's elder brother was the one driving and there's his younger brother too. We went in, me, Hani, Rebecca and Menaga, all the girls sat behind. We forced Kopal to come in the car too, since we don't even know his brothers much. >_<>_< style="color: rgb(0, 51, 51);">Arun, Kopal's younger brother, is cute. haha.. He's funny and cute lar..But to me, he's like budak kecik only.. :P

26th July 2008/Saturday
Went to the Law Olympiad in HELP University College. Took LRT till' Bangsar and supposed to take a shuttle bus. But~none of us ever ride on a shuttle bus..So, we have no idea how to go to the college. XD There was me, Hani, Franklin, Siva & Kavi. But then, we took the normal bus and safely arrived. XP The activity was kind of fun and challenging. But, I really enjoyed it since it's like we, being the detective, trying to solve the case. The first game, me & Kavi did the robbery case about who's the person that takes the few roles in that robbery. Then, there's also quiz that is extremely hard for me. There's too many questions bout' the places outside Malaysia and.. I don't know. It's too difficult. XD We couldn't score much in that one. There's also again..some kind of cases that relates to law and all. In the end we didn't get even top 10. ^^; Nevermind.. at least we had fun. Plus, the last activity is that we could see ourself the mock of a trial court. I wasn't excited at first, but when it started, I think it is really really interesting. Felt like real too. XD I'm happy I get to experience that.

Anyway, today..didn't do anything much. Finished some notes and watch TV. Princess Hours is back again in 8TV!! YEAY~ I just looove that drama. And dad watched with me just now. ^-^ He seems to enjoy it too. Eun Hye is just lovable! <3

Talk about 'hot', does anyone realised how HOT Xiah Junsu is now. +___+ These days, lots of shirtless pictures of our angel. :D

during Shanghai concert. *__* He stripped!!!

from A Week Holiday photobook. *__*
he's becoming even more daring now. kind of skinny, but still..HOT!

*faints* he's really HOT lar these days. Definitely my 2nd fav. :P Last time, I always think that he can only be cute, but now.. Yea.. HOT. I looove it when he's HOT. He's a cute+hot kind of guy. But actually can be shy too.. Haha.. Junsu, you're just too cute. Cutest angel! ^-^

he's so cute last time!! XD

but~~~ sorry Junsu..

my sayang is HOT-ter. :D and always be..the HOT-test!
He's always number 1 in my heart. ;)
Friday, July 25, 2008
Quiz. @ 1:09 AM
>_<>*faints* I don't know what the hell I wrote or answered. Shalomie was beside me writing so long, her paper is like.. full! She answered fully! Hani was looking at me, and I was looking at her. Haha.. Eye-contact. Then...exchange answers? XP ok ok lar..to be honest.. we did.. a little..lar.. I know I know..next time I'll study. =__=;

Got to say "hye" to Prakash a.k.a. 'play-boy'/'play-buaya'/'buaya darat'. hahaha.. he's so cute lar..but realised he can be so jahat also. Chat with him today, and omg.. he knew I had a crush on.. you know lar.. Can't believe lar.. Who tell him?!! I'm still wondering. haih.. Gone. Finish. (btw, i like that words. XD) oh yea.. whatever lar.. I malas already.. Thinking all this. No mood. Plus, today something happened in the science class. About that guy. Yea.. everyone knew about him including his best friend. I mean.. it's so so obvious..all of his lies. But, just don't understand why he's being such an ego. I mean, I kind of feel bad when I saw someone being hated by everyone. I know how that feels, but you have to realise yourself. What your mistakes. Apologise. But him? He's just being so ego. Don't know lar.. If he wants to handle his own way, let him. I don't want to have anything to do with him.

There was a meeting for lower 6 just now. About the farewell party. Seems that this time, everyone agreed to each other. At last. No argument. Thank God! It annoys me when everyone starts to argue in the meeting. But, during the meeting, I didn't concentrate much too. XD Not the type that loves to give opinions much, unless there's no one giving opinions or people ask me. ^-^ Anyway, of course I have my own work. Making rice for the nasi lemak and maybe fried mihun. erm..YUM! YUM! ^-^ Mom's nasi lemak is the BEST! Micky, you should try one day. ;P

nyaa~is this picture too big?
Nvrmind.. I'm just gonna enjoy looking at it even if it takes the whole night. XD
He's the cutest guy in my heart. I want him. :(
Thursday, July 24, 2008
Fly. @ 11:35 AM
ta, ta ta ta~~ You can Fly.. FLy, fly fly...

^-^ Just one of Epik High's songs. I love their songs, the music is awsome and unique. Tablo is really cool. :) But, recently, I am attracted to a group named 8eight. I'm in loove with their songs, I'll talk bout them next time.

So, at school.. What happen? Nothing much lar.. Erm.. I think I'm getting lazier day by day. *whacks own head* Should be concentrating right now! And there's still more activities to be done. I think if it's getting too far, mom is gonna start to scold me. So.. I need to keep up with the studies. Don't become blur or left out in any topics. Plus, tomorrow there's gonna be a Mikroekonomi quiz. So.. STUDY lar not online! XP After finish blogging lar.. Then..hurm.. me and Hani spent RM3 for lunch. XD omg.. always tak jadi the plan. We planned to not spend to much for lunch, but we're too hungry and my stomach were grumbling. X__x Cannot tahan lar.. Oh yea! Prakash didn't say 'hye' to me! XD Well, actually, I'm the one that didn't say "hye" to him. Becoming sombong all the sudden. No lar.. didn't get the chance to say "hye" properly. :P See lar, tomorrow.. No no wait! Have to study Mikroekonomi. XD hahaha.. everytime I want to type 'mikroekonomi', ended up typing 'Micky'. I miss him so much lar I think.

omg.. If 'that' lorry ever passed by me, I'll faint. and after that, I'll chase it and steal it.
Even a lorry can look so handsome. ;D
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Burning. @ 1:05 PM
...like HELL.

Yeap, I'm describing my heart for today. You can see how I'm not in the good mood today at school. Well, as okay at first, but when 'that' guy came in our class, I'm pissed off. We were talking bout how to raise money for the farewell party and talking bout 'those' selfish people that's not willing to pay for it. >_< You know what's stupid? It's not like you're the ONLY one that has to pay for it. Everyone has too and me? I sacrificed my school lunch for two weeks just to pay for this. And I still didn't complained as much as the so-called RICH people that has a lot of money and even can say, "Only RM250 ah?" @%$^^$& WTF?! If that can be considered "only", why can't you pay for RM50? Oh yea, I've forgotten. They are those kind of stingy people. RICH people that I extremely hate the most. I extremely HATE that guy and I never hated anyone this much before. I hope he noticed that I hate him and I don't want to even be involved with him. or even be related to him. I just want us both, to be strangers, forever.

Anyway, the burning heart kind of cool off a little after seeing Prakash. Hahaha.. Can't believe I'm mentioning his name in my blog. So daring lar.. Don't worry, he's just one of a good friend+senior that is really cute, but don't think he can be the guy that I want to have relationship with. He can be considered almost perfect. I heard he never had a girlfriend before but alot of girls chased after him. XD He's the guy that's wants to have the only girl that's gonna be the one. Get what I mean? Ala.. It means, he'll wait for the ONE and get married with her in the end lar.. Haih.. Nearly the same with me, but I'm more to the fairy tales kind of story. Yeap, I'm searching for my true love. :D hahaha.. That sentence just came out from a girl that has highly imagination. That's me. :P No lar.. My true love is only Park Yoochun. ;D
See what will happen lar.. If true love really exists... *imagines* Okay, I'm gonna be in dreamland again. XD

Oh btw, I got my new specs' today. ^-^ It's black and maybe a little stylish? Nah.. Not much.. My younger sis said it looks like one of Micky's specs' though. :D If it's true, YEAY~ XP One of the workers there, a kakak, told me that I look serious with black specs'. Really meh? I thought, I'm always serious.. ;P

Now, my heart is burning again, but not because of anger. Because of Micky. It's love. ;P

how can a guy that I love, be prettier than me?
*__* He's too beautiful.
note: He's NOT a gay or even girlish type of guy.
He just looks pretty but has the heart of a man.
I loooove him sooo much. ;)
Damn sexy lips! *kisses Micky's lips*
I'll die in embarassment if Micky ever read my blog. XD
Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Terminator. @ 2:38 PM

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Honestly saying here, I've never watched "Terminator" before. I mean, I've heard bout it, but never cared to watch it or even find out about it. What I know bout that movie is that it's about robots. That's all. So..why did I end up watching the series in 8TV every Monday at 10.30 p.m.? Because.. John Connor is one cute hottie!! :P Who is he? Er.. Sarah's Connor son and I don't even know Sarah Connor is the main character in Terminator until I watched the series. What attracts me the most is the HOT son! XD He's damn cute! And his eyes.. *__* Beautiful. Haha..but after that, I started to get interested in the story. Maybe I should check out the movies one day. :D So.. bout the John Connor, his real name is Thomas Dekker.

+__+ *melts* I know, he's damn HOT.
note: stole this pic from HIS myspace. :P

Anyway, I'll never knew he acted in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" until I found his profile in wiki. I watched that show million times, but never remembered that there's such a cute guy in that show. XD Okay okay, enough already. I'm having crushes on too many actors+singers already. Micky is gonna be jealous. ;P

Btw, school is okay I guess. Just that I'm on a budget now. Lets see, we are making a farewell party for the seniors and Franklin told us about his plan that is called "risky business". You see, we gave out our money for the party first, and then we get it back after the Form 6 Sports Carnival that is organised by us, selling stuffs and all.. So, we have to risk RM70 for this so-called "business". X___x; I know. Kill me. RM70.. AGAIN? O'Nite is also RM70, and this also.. I don't know what to say anymore. I can only think that need to save, Save and SAVE.

Oh yea, I did mentioned before right that I REALLY want TVXQ's 23rd single! TT_TT And yea, I still want it!!! Damn! I need money right now!

oh btw, this is kind of old, but kind of miracle things happening that has to do with TVXQ.

Apple News
By: CassiopeiaHK + capri-shiqi@Soompi

21 years old Zhuang Xiao Han, is a die-hard fan of Korean famous boyband, TVXQ (DBSK).

Last year, she got into an accident and was seriously injured. The doctor announced that she will not be able to live more than 3 days. Zhuang's mum did not give up, she played TVXQ songs 24 hours everyday, and her daughter woke up! Zhuang's mum said, "I really thank TVXQ for letting me see a miracle."

Doctor expresses admiration.

Last year March, around 11pm at night, Zhuang Xiao Han was riding her bike home and got into an accident. She was sent to the Xiao Gang Hospital (小港醫院), doctor said that her head was seriously injured and she will not be able to live more than 3 days.

Zhuang's mum sobs and said, "I know she really likes TVXQ, so I played TVXQ songs everyday, in hope that she will survive. I don't care if she will become a vegetable, as long as she survive." Alas, she survived the 3 days, and was in a coma for 7 months, until one day, she miraculously woke up.

Zhuang's mum smiled and said, "I played TVXQ songs everyday, until the cd player spoilt. When she woke up, the first thing she said to her Dad was, to help her buy TVXQ's new album."

TVXQ will be having a concert at Taipei next month, 10th May 2008. Xiao Han's story spreads around Cassiopeias online.

When the organiser of the concert heard of this news, they gave Xiao Han VIP tickets to TVXQ concert, a voucher to stay at Wang Han Hotel (王朝飯店) and a TVXQ album. During the period of her coma, Xiao Han went through a total of 5 operations.

When she received TVXQ Concert tickets, she was so happy and she tried her best to say, "Thank You."

Yeap.. Believe it or not, it's a miracle. And you can see the power of having an idol. To me, it's really a miracle. 7 months. And having the mother to play TVXQ songs, even the mother tried her best. I guess, miracles do happen in this world. She's lucky to be alive. And also lucky to meet TVXQ in person! >__<

1) Top Left Corner: Yunho writes, "Thank you for loving (he split the character for the word 'our' into 2 so at first it reads like 'Thank you for loving me!') our songs. It seems that he also wrote, " " in the middle of the page.

2) Top Right Corner: Max writes: To Ms. Zhuang Wei Lai; Wish you Health.

3) Middle Right: Jaejoong writes, "You have to continue to support us, k?"

4) Lower Left Corner: Micky writes, "Hwaiting! Hwaiting! We support you!"

5) Lower Right Corner: Xiah writes, "Wishing you a speedy recovery! Hwaiting!"

I love them. Sweet, caring, everything. And of course, the organiser for the concert is really kind too to give free tickets to her. She deserves it though. *sigh* I want to meet TVXQ in person, but of course I don't want to hope to get in an accident and ended up in coma. Anyway, it's amazing such thing happen especially to my idol, TVXQ. :) They are.. I don't know what to say anymore. Just that, day by day, they amazed me in many ways.

Yeap, I love these guys. ;)
Especially the 2nd guy from the left. :D
Saturday, July 19, 2008
Oricon. @ 9:34 AM
DongBangShinKi, No.1 in the Oricon Daily Charts for the 4th Time
On the 16th, the group Dong Bang Shin Ki released their 23rd Japanese single and received No.1 in the Oricon Daily Single Charts for the 4th time.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Dong Bang Shin Ki topped the Oricon Daily Single Charts on the day that their single was released. This means that, in the 3 years that the group was working in Japan, Dong Bang Shin Ki has received No.1 in the Oricon Daily Single Charts for the 4th time.

The title song 'Why Have I Fallen for You?' and 'Box in the Ship' were both included in the single that was released today. The pleasant ballad, 'Why Have I Fallen for You' was commented to have been a good expression of one's feelings for a special person.

The Japanese actress Fujii Mina(藤井美菜, 20), with an innocent image, was casted as the lead of the music video.

On April 23rd, Dong Bang Shin Ki's 22nd single 'Beautiful You' had topped both the Oricon Daily and Oricon Weekly charts.

On the 15th of August, Dong Bang Shin Ki will be participating in an 'SM Town Live 08' performance with other SM Entertainment singers at the Seoul JamShil Olympic Stadium.

credits: http://news.mk.co.kr + bORicha.@soompi

I'm always late in getting to know recent news bout my beloved guys, but.. don't care if this news are kind of "old", I'm proud to to post it up in my blog. ;P As I predicted, the single "どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?" topped in Oricon Chart! Of course lar..! That song is like..one of the the best songs I've ever heard. I totally respect the creator of the song. The pair song for the single, "Box In The Ship" sounds cute and sweet. The music kind of reminds me of the beach or Hawaii. ^-^ Still.. *cries* I want the single sooo much!!!!! TT_TT The CD is so beautiful and I loove the songs. And guess what, the DVD for the single, has the clip of them celebrating Micky's birthday. Omg.. "I'll do anything to get that CD now!" That's what I thought of after knowing bout that clip. I want!I want! I don't care anymore. I'm saving like crazy starting this week. No spending too much for food at school, maybe don't eat at all. I don't care. I desperately want that single. >__<

Oh yea, forget to mention this, congrats to TVXQ in getting no.1 for the 4th time in the Oricon Chart. You guys are awsome!

TT_TT too beautiful.
*kisses Micky's cheeks while his eyes are closed* ;)
Monday, July 7, 2008
どうして君を好きになってしまったんだӚ @ 5:28 AM

Doushite.... kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou?

Why....have I fallen for you?

I looove this song. I did mentioned it in my previous post right? The most beautiful song this year that I've ever heard. Sweet, beautiful.. and most important, meaningful. Even the drama version of the PV suits the meaningful lyrics. The PV shows a guy that went to the wedding of the girl he once loved. It's sad. You can see from his eyes, but.. he accepts the fact that the girl has found her happiness. Though..the song is trying to show that he regrets that he didn't hold onto her hands. T-T

Why have I fallen for you?
No matter how much time passes,
I thought that you would always be here
But you chose a different road

Why wasn't I able to convey to you?
My feelings that were growing everyday and night
The words begin to overflow
But I know they won't reach you now

From the first day that I met you
I felt like I knew you
And the two of us melted together so naturally

Wherever we would go, it would be together
It was so natural for you to be with me
We became adults together
But you chose a different road

Why have I fallen for you?
No matter how much time passes,
I thought that you would always be here (but not anymore)

For the day that holds a special meaning
For the day where we can stand with happy faces
For you looking beautiful while praying to god

Next to the person who is not me
There is the figure of someone truly blessed
So how am I supposed to see you off?

So why have I fallen for you?
We can't go back to that time, or how we were (I've thought it through)

Why wasn't I able to take your hand?
No matter how much time passes
You were supposed to be at my side (just like that)

But, even though I say that I need you close to me
I just pray that you will be happy forever
No matter how lonely that makes me (or how sad)

Credits: crescent @ boajjang forums+dbsker

You know what's a coincidence? When I first heard this song, I had this feeling of wanting to watch a J-dorama called "Proposal Daisakusen" that has Yamapi in it. And you know what? The drama, the situation is the same with the meaning of this song. Excepts that it has a happy ending. >_<>

Yamashita Tomohisa and Nagasawa Masami play a young man and woman who have been friends for seven years. Yamashita's character is obstinate and unskilled in love, but he has fallen for the lively and cheerful woman played by Nagasawa, who is about to get married. While attending the wedding ceremony, a sudden time slip sends the man back in time, giving him a second chance to make her his girlfriend.

Yamashita Tomohisa as Iwase Ken

A guy that regrets he didn't get to make the girl he loves happy all this time when they knew each other. But, when he got the chance to change it, he works really hard to make her happy and show her how much he loves her. He appreciates the chances that was given. And learn alot of new things from it. A sweet, cute and funny but can sometimes be clumsy guy. But sometimes, really baka cus' he's slow in understanding the girl's feelings. Yamapi definitely suits this character.

Nagasawa Masami as Yoshida Rei

A really cute girl that has a pretty smile. She can be stubborn sometimes and easily affected if Ken doesn't understands her. All she wanted is Ken to know her feelings and wanting to know Ken's true feelings. But, this girl is really strong.. she overcome her sadness really fast. She's not the type that would just give up easily. A really happy-go-lucky kind of girl and the day she first met Ken, she started calling him 'Kenzo'.

I finished watching the episodes including the SP. ^-^ Definitely a great drama. It's not all about love, but also the friendship of five of them. Ken, Rei, Eri, Mikio & Tsuru, the friendship they had since school, the moments are captured in the pictures. That's why I love Japanese drama. They don't just concentrates on love. They also concentrates on friendship. It's beautiful. Since the other 3 friends are also important, I'll post their pictures then. ^^

* Eikura Nana as Oku Eri

Rei's best friend. She's pretty and is popular in school. Always wished for a perfect boyfriend, but end up all the relationship she had always failed. She always treat Tsuru badly but actually her heart are touched for all the things Tsuru has done for her. And she was a good help in making Rei & Ken's relationship becoming closer.

* Hamada Gaku as Tsurumi Hisashi

Sweet kind of guy. Eventhough he's short and clumsy, he can be really sweet and romantic. His love for Eri NEVER changed. I can ensure that. He loves her more than anything, and whatever he said to Eri, he really meant it. He tried his hardestto make Eri happy eventhough Eri doesn't appreciate it sometimes.

* Hiraoka Yuuta as Enokido Mikio

He seems like the playboy kind of guy, but nope he's not. He has a girlfriend named Yuko and he really appreciates her till' the end. He also has the brain and he could find out that Ken went back to the past. With a few helps from him, Ken was able to change the past.

I really love this drama. ^-^ And I think I'm starting to fall for Yamapi again after watching this drama. miane~ Yoochun oppa!>_< He's soo funny and cute! I love his acting! He always has his own styles in dramas. XD I love his "Annyong hase YO!" in that drama.

sweetest groom & bride!
lucky her to be "married" with Yamapi. >_<

Okay, now back to the song. ^^ Wait..actually let's talk about what's happening in school recently. *sigh* Like what people said.. dramas are dramas, and some dramas can never be reality. How I wished the school I'm in could at least let me experienced the friendship like in the drama. Well.. at least an honest and true friendship. What I can conclude about the school I'm in now, SMK Bukit Bintang, is a really scary school..MENTALLY. Mental abused is everywhere! Everyone seems to hate each other but still pretends to be nice to each other. I don't understand..I wonder how all of them could live like that. Pretending. In my previous school, if you don't like that person or already have a problem with that person, you won't be standing around "being" friends with that person. Backstabbing is EVERYWHERE. Seriously I tell you. It's everywhere. No wonder Farah, one of our seniors, warned us about this school. "Two-faces people is everywhere in this school," that's what she told us. And it's true. I hate this. Everyone.. almost everyone is pretending. It really hurts me since, the first time we arrived at that school, everyone was so nice, all of us get along with each other, like we've known each other for so long. And now.. it end up just like this. All of the moments we spent together, was actually an act? I don't know. Eventhough I'm holding a small post in the Form 6 Society, it effected me so much. Why? Friendship can be betrayed just because of a post? Humans are really scary. Especially those who don't appreciate friendship and treated it like SHIT. And here, you're telling me I'm immature? You should tell the back-stabbers that they are the one that's immature. I admit I'm immature in settling this problem, how bout them? No.. I realised. You're just good in saying others are immature. First, look at the mirror and if can, "reflect" your own heart instead of commenting about someone else. Everyone is NOT perfect. Think about that. I'll be revealing everything here.

First, after the election, we were all okay about it. And then, it started FIRST when Siva starts to ignore us and he himself told us, he don't want to be friends with us. He even treated us like stupid people. The worst about it is, when we went into science class, he shouted "I hate ART class! Get out from my class!" You know what? That doesn't sound like a joke at all. Why? Because before that we tried to talk with him but he ignored us. Is that a joke? Obviously NOT to me. NOT funny at all. It's called, "RUDE". Then, hearing by our own ears, some of the science class students are not satisfied about the election. It's true because the upper 6 and even the teacher knew about it. You can NEVER deny it. I heard they even want to re-do the election. *laughs* What's wrong with this people.. I really have no idea. Then, prefects..most of arts students went for the prefects interview since Brian told us he really need more girls. Then again, these thoughts of science students that are not happy about it cus' they started making faces when they saw us there. Not all of the science students. Please read this properly, SOME of them. Of course, they had made some of us felt so bad, that we wanted to quit to become prefects and also let go of the post we're having right now. Please be alert again for those 'SOME' students in science class, whatever jokes or games that you are playing with us, it's not funny at all. It affected all of us, and hurt most of our feelings. Then..of course after that..the "COLD WAR" started between us. I didn't planned to stop from becoming a prefect, but last Friday, they had a spot check. A sudden one. And you know what? Eventhough I didn't bring my handphone, I was angry. Really angry. Before this, in the meeting, they said there won't be any spot-check. But then, all the sudden there is. It pissed me off. I extremely HATE prefects so-called "tricks". And yea, I actually hated prefects in my previous school except the ones during my sister times, was still okay. I thought this school, the prefects are kind of okay, but then they made me hate prefects even more. They are annoying, and to be honest here, I don't like the head prefect. Somehow, he gave me this feeling of, he controls everything. Damn annoying! And he doesn't even smile much! Damn strict! I hate that. I hate the tense. So, I quit. I don't want to be given so much pressure because of the school rules. School rules are meant to be follow of course, it's obvious. But, just that some school rules are ridiculous and wasting the time to follow it. duh~ Not letting us form 6 to bring handphones to school is also stupid. It's a big problem to us, especially those who live in Kelana Jaya. Yea, then, the teachers would answer, you can use the public phones in school and.. you know what really makes me angry? That kind of excuse is sooo stupid because the public phones are sometimes broken!!!! It IS a big problem to me like last time I wanted to use, and both of it is broken. So, they still think the public phone is so so so good? =__= annoying.

So..that's almost all about the things happening in the school. And yea, I quit and will become a librarian though. More peaceful, not much problem and cheaper. >_< You have to spend so much to become a prefect. And here with the petrol and whatever things prices increasing. I don't want to spend so much money.

I'm angry right now but I'll forget about it after watching about TVXQ! ^-^ See..I'm smiling already. Look at these beautiful pictures for TVXQ's 23rd single どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?

beautiful.. all of them. I wonder what are they thinking in this picture. Yoochun oppa.. if I ever meet you..I don't know what will happen. I had the feelings that my love for you will add on and on even more.. and still.. I will always ask myself,
"Why have I fallen for you, Park Yoochun?"