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Quotes of the moment.
"When you get tired, think back to days like this when you regretted it. Think of the days you treasure. Receive strength from it and live on."
-Shin Jihyun(49 DAYS)

"At this moment, there are 6 billion, 4 hundred, 71 million, 8 hundred, 18 thousand, 6 hundred, 71 people in the world. Some are running scared.. some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day.. others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men at war with good, and some are good.. struggling with evil. 6 billion people in the world, 6 billion souls -- and sometimes.. all you need is 1."

-Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer

"We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love." -Tom Robbins

"Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering."
- Ida Scott Taylor

Peyton: That's what he writes. But what he says is a totally different story.
Haley: Sometimes people write the things that they can't say.

"Tree Hill is just a place somewhere in the world. Maybe it's a lot like your world, maybe it's nothing like it. But if you look closer, you might see someone like you. Someone trying to find their way. Someone trying to find their place. Someone trying to find their self. Sometimes it seems like you are the only one in the world who's struggling, who's frustrated, or unsatisfied, or barely getting by. But that feeling's a lie. And if you just hold on, just find the courage to face it all for another day, someone or something will find you and make it all okay. Because we all need a little help sometimes. Someone to help us hear the music in the world, to remind us that it won't always be this way. That someone is out there. And that someone will find you."

— Lucas Eugene Scott

"Don't leave, don't leave.
Lies, lies.

My name is Sherlene.
A girl who loves 동방신기 (DongBangShinKi) so much since 2005 but never met them even once. Even though they had been close to me a few times...
One day, I will. ;)
Music is my soul.
Take it away from me, takes away my life too.
One biggest weakness, once truly and faithfully in love, there's no more "I'll find someone better." Love is the only way that could lead her to become a complete idiot.


Sunday, December 30, 2007
Time Machine. @ 3:15 PM

I'm so so in love with that song. And I'm so so gonna practice the rap part. XD I just love it when Eric says, "Cleopatra.." This is like my most fav Shinhwa's song. Shinhwa? I haven't introduced them is it? Well, I've found my 2nd happiness, and they are, Shinhwa, a Korean group singer that's gonna celebrate their 10th anniversary. Cool, huh? Imagine the 10 years of friendship between the members as a singer. >,< That's a really long time. Hopefully TVXQ will last as long as they are.

Anyway, it's been quite a while since my last post. Been busy these days? Nah.. Just lazy, that's all. Let me see, on this holiday, I've watched like 4 movies already? Not bad. XD

1. Enchanted (with sisters)
2. Golden Compass (with sisters & cousins)
3. Alvin & The Chipmunks (with sisters & cousin)
4. National Treasure:Book of Secrets (with friends)

Alvin & The Chipmunks is like a-must-watch if you're a fan of these little cute animals like hamsters, squirrels.. oh wait. They don't like to be compared with "those" creatures. XD Let's just say, chipmunks. AND they can sing and dance and their voices are like so so sweet+awsome AND they can do acapella!! Whoa.. Imagine TVXQ singing acapella with the chipmunks! Adorable-ness!!<33 style="color: rgb(51, 204, 0);">Theodore
! <3

They are cute of course, but they can also be really COOL!

Ya~ oh oh! Happy news!! I didn't mention about it yet! Got my All About TVXQ 2! YEAY~ *hugs the auntie at MyStar* My heart was beating that day, totally anxious! And when we arrived, I realised I didn't bring the bank receipt. *panic* Luckily the auntie was really kind to let me off since I came so far away. ^-^

You asking me, am I satisfied? Not yet though. XD I only have three TVXQ stuffs. Prince in Prague, 3rd album & All About TVXQ 2. My next target is...

2nd Tour 'O' DVD

Shinhwa collections of MV 2003~2007

Hey, I guess it's not a crime to start collecting Shinhwa stuffs too. Since they are officially my 2nd eternal happiness already. I was touched by their friendship in Guerilla Concert. I can see they worked really hard and went through lots of hardships like TVXQ. That is why I was attracted by them. Plus, their adorable character. Some is really the same with TVXQ. ;D and Junjin definitely has that "shy attitude" like Yunho. That's why when I see Junjin, it seems like seeing Yunho. XD

Anyway, TVXQ celebrated their 4th anniversary on 26th of December. *applauds* Please please please give a round of applause to this wonderful guys. They are not only special physically but also mentally and a talented singers. As a fan, I'm proud that I could be a part of their life as their supporters. Eventhough I started to know TVXQ kind of late (early 2006)...but being the first eternal happiness for Lene, TVXQ has really changed my life. They bring happiness, shared their talented voices by producing beautiful music that could touch such heart as mine. (wow, I sound so artistic now. XD) Oppa(s), kamsaheyo! For everything.

*cries* Oppa!!!Sarangheyo!! YOOCHUN oppa~~!!!Can you hear me? O_o; I'm totally freaked out again. XD Yea~ if it's Park Yoochun, anyone would freak out. Right Yoochun fans? ;D

Btw, I've got a job! YUP! A job? What is it? Well....... *proudly* At McDonalds! Yup~ at first I think it's a bad idea since it's going to be tiring bla bla bla~ and then, maybe the payment was not so.. well, high as other shops offered. Too bad, I can't be choosy bout the payment for now since NONE of any other shops wants me!!! TT_TT Do I look so useless to all of you? Haaish.. Then, I realised how much I'm so-not-realised about the world outside. Yeap. It's hard. And people DO suffers to get a job. And at my mind was like, "I shoulld at least get A job." Rather than none at all. >__>; And you know what? I went for 2 days of training and already have this bruises at my legs and hands. XD Clumsy Lene, yup, that's me! And it's only 4 hours a day. The REAL one is coming on this Monday. 8 hours per day, 6 days per week. YA~ *faints* You know, during the training the seniors were mentioning something about how many people have gave up so quickly working there. Yea, it's really tiring I tell you. First day, my hands, my body, my legs..TT_TT 2nd day.. "ouch!" here! "ouch!" there! When work starts, maybe I 'll be like this >>> X___x;
To tell you the truth, I did have the thoughts of quitting before I accept the job officially. >,< But then.. you know what came up in my mind?

Dong Bang Shin Ki. Shinhwa.

Yup. This is the TRUTH. This is the first time in my whole life I ever gone to work, working hard on my own to gain money. And I even chosed the difficult one. Then, when I was about to give up, I keep thinking.

"I bet oppa went through more difficult paths than I am in now."

"If oppa can do it, why can't I?"

Suprising, it's like I "gained" energy from those thoughts. In my mind, those images of TVXQ & Shinhwa struggling to achieve their dreams kept running. I smiled, and with determination, starts to work again. :)
Isn't it awsome? The power of love from a fan to a singer?


TT_TT How could I give up so easily just because of difficulties working in a restaurant? Look at oppa. Look how tired he looks. And yet, he still gave his BEST in front of the cameras, in front of his fans, when he works. I can NEVER give up so easily. Looking at oppa like this, exhausted, I can't give up. Even oppa never gave up, how could I? Oppa! I will never give up! That's a promise I made for you! Aja Aja! HWAITING! Oppa don't give up too!! Promise?

TVXQ was elected as the President of the Republic of Korean Music.
Famous group TVXQ was elected as the President of the Republic of Korean Music.
This virtual presidential election started from October 23 until December 11 and was organized by the cable channel MTV.
Among thirty candidates, TVXQ monopolized the election and recorded 43.9% of votes whereas the second and third placers were Jang Woo Hyuk and BIG BANG, respectively. Because of this win, MTV and Boombox (http://www.mtv.co.kr) declared December 23 as "TVXQ Day" and will air special programs about the group.

Source: KBS World
credit :jOLyN @ csspf + TVXQ-INTER + capri-shiqi@CassiopeiaSG & Soompi.

XD Should I say, "WOW~" And now officially there's gonna be a "TVXQ DAY". How cool is that? From day to day, TVXQ really amazed me by all their rewards from their hardwork. Wonder how are they feeling right now?

Anyway, that's all for now. >,< style="text-decoration: underline;">starts
!! X___x

LENE aja aja HWAITING~~!!!
thank you oppa~~ ;P
Saturday, December 15, 2007
O Champ Elysees. @ 2:24 PM
They're saying that DBSK has been to all parts of the world this year and they're asked to pick dishes that left an impression on them. Junsu chose the baguette (France), Yoochun chose nasi lemak (Malaysia), Jaejoong chose mapo tofu (China) , Changmin chose Thai food [name not specified], and Yunho chose Taiwanese bento!

Courtesy of hikary22@livejournal + ryeomi@livejournal

Omg.. Can I just hug Yoochun oppa??! XD He loves Malaysian food. You should come here always oppa! I'll cook you more nasi lemak!! Suprising that he would like it though. Wonder how he pronounce it. Must be really cute!! I want to hug him!!

I just finished watching "Que Sera Sera" episode 10. >,<; The story getting complicated. But Eric is so damn sweet!! And I realised there's aLOT of kissing scenes in that drama. XD HOT!

opps.. ^^ Today can't talk about ERIC. More about TVXQ especially Yoochun oppa! >, Bonjour Paris
photobook. I love his style, so smart, cute, handsome. Others too. TT_TT I want that book but it's too expensive. I should concentrate on 'O' Tour Concert DVD first. I really want it!!! And it's also expensive. But not TOO expensive. argh.. I'm so angry+depressed that the people at the shop I asked for work didn't call me. I now, KNOW the difficulties to find A job. And I really need one. *sigh* Am I not good in anything? Well, cleaning job I can take. Actually, whatever job they are giving me, I'm willing to take it, cause' I'm desperate right now. Well, of course I HAVE to be able to do that job that they gave me. As if something I'm capable with.

Anyway, here's some cute+smart pictures from Bonjour Paris.


>,< It took me a long time to pick the best 4 pictures of him. He looks so good in all pictures. Love his messy hairstyle.


the last picture is cute! ^^ Yunho is so man! I love the second picture! He looks so handsome!


Oppa!!! Sarang heyo!! *hugs* I love the first and last picture! His style is so so smart! Oppa always look so perfect to me! ;D


the last two is my favourite! Xiah definitely looks hot with spectacles!


gosh.. this guy has a really beautiful hair. *envious* Changmin is always pretty. but now he already cut his hair. first and third is my fav pic!

JAEHO (famous TVXQ couple<3)







YOOSU (Lene's fav couple! <33)

omg.. the last picture is priceless! XD Look how cool they dressed and they act like that. XD My fav boys! <3


The last picture, Yoochun oppa!! So cute! Has puppy eyes! And Changmin.. XD Sadly, Jaejoong's not in the picture, if not it's perfect! ^-^ The 2nd last picture is my fav too! They all look so handsome, like they are going to a ball or something!

That reminds me.. I watched some of the DVD parts and they all were so cute. There's this part when Junsu and Yoochun sang a song called "O Champ Elysees". XD It's so cute, and there's this part when Yoochun keep talking about his puppy. Shyong and Lalla. XD Omg.. He's really cute, it's like he's talking to his baby or something. I wanna hug him!And there's also when Junsu arrived, since he didn't go to Paris with them, they were all greeting him like they haven't met for years. Yoochun, yaa~~ I'm jealous with Junsu now. He kept hugging Junsu like a lil' brother. XD So adorable! That DVD is a MUST-watch if you're a really big fan of TVXQ. ^-^

Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully I'll get my job soon. Yoochun oppa, wish me luck!!

creds: on pic+soompi forums